Secrets of Beautiful

Discovering the Art of You


Who am I? I'm sure many of us have asked ourselves this question at some point in our lives, probably when we feel confused or vulnerable.I would often wonder who am I? It became clear to me growing up that society and culture decided for me whoI was, and who I would need to become to be accepted. Of course fast forward years later and I am still on this journey to discover my authentic self. We are the painter's. Our lives are the canvas, gifted to us, so that we can create our masterpiece and not have our masterpiece created for us. When we hold within our mental thoughts anegative self-images of ourselves we create this warped perception of unworthiness. Authentic beautiful is much more than a glossy slick image or a body that enchants. It is also the ability to link our spiritual and physical being, so that harmony will become a natural characteristic of our persona.It is a real challenge to radiate light from within when turmoil: confusion, uncertainty, fear and chaos dominate our days.We can only weild true power over our lives when we know for sure who we are and except  ourselves with unconditional love.
      How can we get mind, body and spirit to agree, so that what we project is in alignment with our values and beliefs? Being authentic will require those who seek to possess truth and the intended assignment for their lives, to come back to their reality. The secrets of beautiful lie within every soul, but must be discovered and made our own.My personal journey toward self-discovery imparted lessons into my spirit that has enriched my soul, enabling me to finally embrace myself, mind, body, and spirit, My hope is that you will too.Wouldn't it be fabulous if everyone could discover their secrets to beautiful and use the knowledge to enhance their lives.It is my sincere hope that these words will inspire and encourage others to live their beautiful, and not just watch from the sidelines.
    Go ahead and channel your inner beautiful. Learn to nourish the internal soul with daily affirmations that will create a sense of well-being and security in our lives. When we can discover what the soul needs to thrive and supply that need from our internal resources, we now have the power to create something beautiful with our lives. In every moment it is important for each of us to see the value in ours lives, live true to our calling and  discover our best authentic selves. I agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it's also in the spirit of the one who beholds the beauty. Discocer your secrets to beautiful and create with confidence a masterful strategy for your ife.M. Kate Poe

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About the Author 

m. Kate Poe

M. Kate Poe, grew up in St Louis, Mo and while attending The Visual & Performing Arts High School she developed a love for the arts and for social activism. She graduated for Norfolk State University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and studied film at Regent University. First time author Poe speaks on beautifying the mind, body and spirit in a cultural society that promotes acceptance solely as a visual and physical concept. Poe is challenging individuals to see their worth as a spiritual birthright, discover the value of their uniqueness and to develop their best intangible assets for maximum power. She is a member of the National Association for Professional Women and The National Honors Society. Ms. Poe is the CEO of Poe Enterprise Inc, and resides in Norfolk, Virginia.

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